Accident Prevention Policy

Filyos Turkish Petroleum Port’s Accident Prevention Policy is based on taking every precaution to prevent fires and accidents and to prevent damage to people, the environment, machinery and equipment used in the facility.

Especially during dangerous cargo handling, loading and unloading: TP-OTC pledges to:

  • Consider preventing accidents or minimizing risks as first priority in all activities carried out at the facility,
  • Prevent employees from becoming mentally or physically disabled or exposed to any negative effects as a result of occupational accidents,
  • Take all kinds of measures to be safe and secure for employees, customers, stakeholders and the environment, on ships and in the working areas at the shore facility,
  • Follow a policy of continuous improvement to implement the best available technologies in order to prevent accidents,
  • Take measures to minimize the effects of accidents on the safety of life, environment and property by applying appropriate emergency response procedures in the event of an accident and to implement this continuously,
  • Identify all activities that may cause accidents in the port facility, to take the necessary measures to fulfill the obligations to prevent such accidents by evaluating the hazards and risks,
  • Assign personnel with appropriate knowledge, skills, training and experience to critical jobs that will affect safety and security in operational business processes,
  • Carry out risk assessment and fulfill all requirements to achieve the goal of ensuring continuous development of personnel and compliance with relevant national and international legislation and standards; in order to identify and evaluate hazards,
  • Provide the Safety Data Sheet of all kinds of dangerous goods to be loaded/unloaded and handled at the port facility; to fulfill the requirements of the form,
  • Provide the necessary equipment and installations to prevent the possible harmful effects of such dangerous cargoes,
  • Take the necessary monitoring arrangements in order to ensure that the areas where dangerous goods are handled are kept under constant surveillance by the relevant facility personnel and/or security officers and to ensure continuous monitoring of the controls of the alarm systems,
  • Provide adequate access and exit to areas where dangerous cargo is handled in order to provide the necessary intervention in case of emergency,
  • Deliver this Policy to all personnel working within the borders of Filyos Turkish Petroleum Port, considering that the implementation of this Policy is a fundamental duty for the employees of the Port facility.