TP-OTC was founded on 12 March, 2019 upon a Resolution of the Board of Directors of the main company TPAO, which conducts and supports petroleum and natural gas exploration and production activities at the seas of Turkey. The name TP-OTC was registered on 2 April, 2019 following this resolution, and the company was structured specifically for the conducting of maritime operations.

TP-OTC completed its operational preparations in just three months, and successfully fulfilled all the necessary tasks without compromise to occupational safety or quality. Throughout this process, there were no interruptions to the drilling activities being carried out in the Eastern Mediterranean. Further to its operational successes, the company has contributed the economy of Turkey through its use of indigenous and national resources.

TP-OTC’s team spirit is at the heart of its success and strength. Our employees who have gained experience working for international companies, as well as the young and dynamic members of our team, put their sweat into the success of the company, working together toward a common goal with high motivation.
In all of its activities, TP-OTC strives to maintain its ethical values, while keeping its competencies and distinctive qualities at the forefront. TP-OTC goes deeper and further every day, making use of advanced technologies and its skilled human resources.

The raising and training of national and domestic human resources is crucial for TP-OTC. In both its own operations and in the joint R&D activities it conducts with its suppliers, the company aims to equip Turkey with the offshore drilling, exploration and production technologies that were previously absent in the country.

TP-OTC’s main goal is to carry out successful and uninterrupted drilling operations in the Blue Homeland, while seeking to become an international player with the ability to offer its services all over the world at competitive prices, and in accordance with international quality standards.